Akdeniz Üniversitesi


The Dual Turkish-German Master Degree Program in International
Material Flow Management at AKDENIZ UNIVERSİTY

IMAT Admissions

The basic admission requirement to IMAT-at Akdeniz University is a graduate diploma or equivalent. The candidates received the graduate degree abroad should have at least 3 years, the candidates received the domestic graduate degree should have at least 4-year graduate degree. Additionally, candidates should have a certificate of professional work experience (internship, etc.)or equivalent certificate. Students who are Turkish citizens should provide conditions for registration at Akdeniz University master programs.

Students applying for IMAT must also have good english skills. Applicant must prove their English language proficiency. More than 2 year-old language scores are not acceptable. The candidates certified acceptable language skills will be taken to interviews by the commision. The successfull candidates provided all admission requirements could enroll to IMAT.

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